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Tutto Bene

Gavrila Principa 60a

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Tutto Bene Restaurant


At the only place in Belgrade where five streets merge, wherever you go, a pizzeria and a Tutto bene trattoria takes you to Rome. Right at the corner of the big intersection, your journey to the flavors and scents of Italy begins. The warm and cozy ambience, studded with brick and stone, complete with colorful wooden chairs and tables, as well as painting details, is a real holiday for your eyes and soul. But also for the palate, because in the kitchen

"Tutto bene" crunch pastas according to traditional Italian recipes, bake a large selection of pizzas on shamot, knead focaccia, prepare a meal salads, bruschetta and delicious desserts. The taste and aroma of beautifully arranged food, perfectly accompany the top Italian and local wines. While for the lovers of good coffee we cook the highest quality Italian espresso.

Tutto bene is perfect for hanging out with friends, a business lunch or a romantic dinner for two, and even breakfast with your pet.


Visit us at 60A Gavrila Principa Street and wake up all your senses with the flavors of our bedding!