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Restaurant Trandafilović

Makenzijeva 73

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Restaurant Trandafilovic


How many 90-year-olds do you know are still so interesting that hundreds of people, fellow citizens, foreigners visit them every day? How many of them know that they keep their position so well throughout their lives that the whole city knows exactly where it can always find them? This year's Trandafilovic Restaurant marks its 90th anniversary. And it is the only restaurant in Belgrade that has its nickname - Tranda. Some of his dishes are called: Tranda kabobs, Tranda fried breakfast or Tranda mrs.

The menu says beautifully for the ignorant: Tavern is a serious philosophical discipline. Who doesn't love a tavern doesn't like people either. You may have lived in Belgrade all your life, walked a million times past the corner of Makenzieva and Mutapova, and you know Trandafilovic's garden very well. It is especially enjoyable in summer because of the shade of the London sycamore which is more than 150 years old. The garden is so spacious that you can forget that you are in the city center and the trolls are just a few meters away.


And in the garden, from local regular visitors from the neighborhood, to the Thai, Chinese and French. Everyone came to Trandafilovic, found it easily, barely uttered the name, but fully prepared to try local brandies and wines and homemade soup. Only it will be difficult for them to return to hotels after the Serbian brandy, and only then will it be impossible to say where they were. When you enter the interior, you may hit a table or a sitting guest, as your view will wander off to the walls.

They are full of bags containing flour, grits, sugar, spaghetti and pastes, and are lined all the way to the ceiling. Some other restaurants have taken this foray, but just so you know Trandafilovic was still the first ....


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