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Restaurant Soba 207

Vojvode Stepe 207

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Restaurant Room 207


Every neighborhood of Belgrade has a restaurant that threatens to steal the hearts of its neighbors and become their second home. These are the places where you always feel welcome and loved. Room 207 is just that for Vozdovac and the residents of this part of Belgrade. Located at 207 Vojvode Stepe Street, which is the lifeline of Vozdovac, this restaurant has managed to win the sympathy of its guests and show itself in the best light. In a design environment where you feel comfortable and as a resident of the world, Room 207 is a cozy and comfortable place where you can have your morning coffee, organize a business lunch, or celebrate an important date for your loved ones.

The restaurant also has a large garden which makes it the perfect choice for warm summer days, when you can enjoy the shade while drinking the perfect espresso and just enjoy the day. This makes this garden an extremely attractive hiding place and an ideal place for a break from the heat. The good energy that permeates the restaurant is why Room 207 is worshiped.

Smiling restaurant staff, always in the mood to help you with your meal choices or to give you tips on pairing food and wine, is a kind lesson in kindness. When you want gourmet refreshment you can enjoy world cuisine here, making Room 207 an international restaurant. Starting with a great choice for breakfast, then a section of salads, pastas and main courses, where everyone can find something to their liking.

The restaurant's chef is young and successful, Mladen Prsic, who is an associate professor at the College of Hotel Management. Mladen is an accomplished professional and international judge for competitions in the field of gastronomy, as well as selector of the national team of Serbia. Green risotto with prawns and zucchini, a dish we can recommend, is made in the traditional Italian way, and can visually meet the highest criteria and is a true Mediterranean light meal.

In the area of ​​stronger flavors, pork neck in a Sumadian way is a great choice. Slow roasting on low heat, marinated in raw duck on the very end results in soft meat that retained all its best aromas. When it comes to meat and cheese, the most popular flavor mix, surprise rolls are the right choice. Turkey rolls with gorgonzola sauce on crispy potatoes and grilled vegetables are also a trademark of the restaurant. We all love chocolate, so chocolate souffle is the perfect blend of cold vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate cake and raspberry sauce.

Restaurant Room 207 is where you always know what to expect. A must-see destination for all hedonists. The aroma and taste of top quality specialties, a relaxed atmosphere with the best wines, great cocktails and the highest level of enjoyment are what awaits you when you visit this restaurant.