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Restaurant New Reset

Gospodar Jovanova 42

Work hours:

  • Saturday: 12 - 00 h Arrow icon
    • Monday:12 - 00 h
    • Thuesday: 12 - 00 h
    • Wednesday: 12 - 00 h
    • Thursday: 12 - 00 h
    • Friday: 12 - 00 h
    • Saturday: 12 - 00 h
    • Sunday: 12 - 22 h

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Pet friendly

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Gluten Free

Non-smoking zone

Garden seating


Takeaway food




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Restaurant New Reset


Although downtown, you come to the Reset restaurant to get away from it all. You may have passed from outside Gopodar Jovanova Street and in no hurry paid attention to the treasure hiding in the yard.

Not only culturally, because this restaurant is housed in the house of Jovan Skerlic from 1923, but also a true gastronomic treasure with all combinations of famous Serbian dishes that have their own addition to French cuisine and French sauces, such as pomegranate sauce. The culprit for all this magic is Ivan Zaric, head chef and owner.

And here you immediately see that the New reset restaurant stands out from everyone else by that. Ivan has been involved in this business for a long time, he knows exactly who he loves and what guests will respond to best. And guests are both local and foreign.

The locals are even well known in the artistic, acting world, who do not want anyone to see them in the window, who will not be photographed for Instagram but will come to rest from the city's fast paced and reset.


More info on https://gdecemo.blogspot.com/