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Restaurant Mirovica

Smederevski put 1d

Work hours:

  • Saturday: 08 - 00 h Arrow icon
    • Monday:08 - 00 h
    • Thuesday: 08 - 00 h
    • Wednesday: 08 - 00 h
    • Thursday: 08 - 00 h
    • Friday: 08 - 00 h
    • Saturday: 08 - 00 h
    • Sunday: 08 - 00 h


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  • Restaurant Mirovica


  • A beautiful oasis of peace and good taste is located near the center of the city, in a quiet part of the settlement Bolec. When is the Mirovica restaurant in question - from where to start and not omit any part of the story?
  • The interior of the restaurant Mirovica is completely made in ethno style. Wood and brick, wooden furniture, lanterns, caravans and carpets are details that make this place warm and pleasant to enjoy.
  • The garden of the restaurant and the yard is something that can not fit into two sentences. The softness of the softwoods, the greenery, the fragrant flowers and the stone houses, by a small guest who runs through the yard - all make a small paradise on the ground. Kihinja is national, with traditional breakfast and Serbian dishes prepared in a traditional way.
  • Parking is provided for all restaurant guests. We also have a separate non-smoking area and of course we are five friendly.
  • We also thought of your little pets. We have everything you need to enjoy, it's up to you to visit us. Restaurant Mirovica,
  • Smederevski put 1d.