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Restaurant Legat 1903

Jasenička 7

Work hours:

  • Saturday: 11 - 00 h Arrow icon
    • Monday:11 - 00 h
    • Thuesday: 11 - 00 h
    • Wednesday: 11 - 00 h
    • Thursday: 11 - 00 h
    • Friday: 11 - 00 h
    • Saturday: 11 - 00 h
    • Sunday: 11 - 00 h

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Non-smoking zone

Garden seating


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Legat Restaurant 1903


This restaurant does not come by accident. This restaurant does not stop for coffee or pizza. You only come to Legat because you know that only the best is waiting for you. When you decide to honor yourself, to show your clients that your business is worth investing in, when you want to show your foreign partners that there is a world-class level in Belgrade and Serbia, then you come to Legat Restaurant. At the very entrance, it will already be clear to you that you are not wrong and that everyone you come here with will think only the best. First of all because you showed them a phenomenal place downtown.

Everything is thought out and designed in detail. Black and gold colors prevail as the definition of elegance. Chandeliers of unusual circular shape, reminiscent of candlesticks, white ceramic figures of perfect human bodies seamlessly integrated into the whole interior, quickly give you the impression that you have never been to Belgrade like this.

There are also a few cozy corners with pastel furniture, where one can sit down for coffee after lunch, just think about how nice your living room might look. Particularly impressive is the small decorative pool, surrounded by the boldest stones you have never seen on the world's beaches. And at the end of it, a lobster aquarium. This is exactly where you, like world-class restaurants, choose lobster that will be freshly prepared in no time.


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