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Restaurant DAK

Miška Kranjca 15

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Restaurant DAK


From the famous fast food restaurants in Belgrade "Dak", in 2015 a restaurant of local, Serbian cuisine was created, located just a few steps away from the Municipality of Rakovica. If you want to try traditional cuisine, you are also a gourmet lover of veal under a honeycomb, stuffed hangers, kajmak kebabs, sausages, Leskovac donuts, chicken specialties, or a real Serbian breakfast without which a good day cannot begin, and with all that you want to have its peace, the restaurant "Dak" is open every day from eight in the morning until 11 pm, while on weekends the friendly staff welcomes guests from 10 in the morning. When you try the finest cooked local favorites from our grandmothers' kitchens, as well as the quality grill made by the Leskovac masters according to the secret recipe, or fresh trout and smoked carp, we recommend that you sweeten with "Dak ferrer" or "Three lentils" cake.

The Dak Restaurant will then become your favorite place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply hanging out with your friends over your favorite coffee, and you can choose whether you will be at a table in the center of the event, or whether you prefer an intimate atmosphere in another at the end of this restaurant. Although quality food is a significant asset of this restaurant, they can boast that they are with their guests and during their most important moments in life. Whether you want to organize your 18th birthday, post-graduation party, business lunch, get together with your family, or have another reason to celebrate, Dak Restaurant is here for you because it offers the possibility of organizing celebrations of up to 90 people at a very affordable price prices. The interior is decorated so that you will feel very comfortable while looking at the photos on the walls to see what, according to many, the most beautiful city in the Balkans, Belgrade, looked like decades ago.

With a glass of wine and the sounds of old-town music, you end your day in the best way possible. To stay informed about music dinners organized at the restaurant in a timely manner, follow the official Instagram page, and if you still want to stay home and enjoy the Dak specialty for two, or the Dak hanger specially decorated, you have it here an option, as the restaurant delivers home delivery. You can also order local cuisine specialties through the website dostavarostilja.rs. If you are just passing by, there is a fast food restaurant next to the restaurant. , while four bus lines lead to the restaurant - 47, 59, 50 and 37.


Visit DAK Restaurant, Miška Kranjca 15, Rakovica