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Restaurant Caruso

Terazije 23

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Restaurant Caruso 


You know that passage in Harry Potter at the train station? People pass by, they have no idea they can enter another, new world. So it happens to some of these 11 years as long as there is a Karuzo restaurant, that they don't know what they're going through all this time. The entrance to the restaurant is on the corner of Terazije and Nušić, and is on the eighth floor. There's also a glowing round sign in front of the sidewalk entrance, like the one in Batman. This is the second hero this restaurant can remind you of. And it's named after the third hero. It's about famous opera singer Enrik Karuz. He was a great friend of Nikola Tesla and our people. He is best known for his frequent appearances at the famous Metropolitan Opera.

That's why the ceiling of his namesake restaurant has pictures of the muse he loved, just like the gods of war, victory and ancient heroes. This is usually where the referral comes. It's completely isolated and tucked away and you're right in the center of town. It happens that when someone intentionally or accidentally comes to the eighth floor, they are fascinated when they see Cojka. She is the real hostess of the Karuzo restaurant. Charming, light ladylike movements, this big white cat is a mascot and an inevitable part of the charm of this place.

Throughout her appearance, she will practically ask you for a selfie and has no chance of resisting it. And when you go through the glass doors of Karuz, whether it is winter or summer, you will immediately see Belgrade from a new angle. It doesn't matter if the visitors are Belgrade or foreigners, you have never seen a city like this. Due to the large terrace, there is a view of the river, bridges, Belgrade on the water and the hotel Moscow. It feels great when you are on the open terrace of this restaurant and the city is in the palm of your hand, which you probably haven't seen before. Sunsets are especially nice and romantic, and your phone will turn on your camera and ask you to take pictures. And romance is an old friend of Caruso. Officially, the restaurant does not open on Sundays. It's been their policy since they existed, but when a celebration, wedding, birthday or baptism is scheduled, then the door is open. Recently Karuzu came to see a couple who come here regularly and this is their favorite place. They have been together for 35 years. They decided to stop being boyfriend and girlfriend and mark it right here. More specifically, they decided to marry after 35 years, and the Karuzo restaurant was a logical solution to celebrate with their friends.

More information at: https://gdecemo.blogspot.com/