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Antifašističke borbe 23g

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Restaurant Broker
In case the words stock market and investment associate you exclusively with the economy, let us assure you that this does not have to be the case at all.
If you decide to invest your free time in enjoyment, we know what the address is for it. Restaurant Broker is located at 23f / 5 Antifašističke borbe Street. The only surroundings of this restaurant with an unusual name are the residential buildings, so you will feel welcome and comfortable at any time, as in your neighborhood.
The interior of the restaurant is decorated with a lot of details, the restaurant is tucked away so that the atmosphere in the restaurant is extremely warm and relaxed. The broker has existed for two years and during that time it has reached a cult status in this part of the city, where more space is always sought. Since we have sunny days ahead of us, the garden of the restaurant deserves special attention. Spacious and comfortable, it offers shelter from the sun and stress. In the garden you can drink coffee during the day, maybe a beer or a cocktail in the evening and it is also suitable for watching big sporting events with friends.
The concept is reflected in the idea that the restaurant is Italian cuisine but in a homely way.
Whether you come to drink top quality coffee, for breakfast or lunch, you will be pleasantly surprised. The portions are plentiful and the menu is colorful, so everyone can find something for themselves.
In case you are extremely hungry, we recommend that you choose the one with the name of the restaurant for breakfast - a breakfast broker that guarantees a successful day. For the feeling of having breakfast at home, there is polenta with the addition of parmesan and crispy pancetta.
We know that a good lunch starts with a good appetizer, so one of the favorites in the Broker is a selection of Italian delicacies and cheeses or maybe a steak tartare according to the secret recipe of the chef as a perfect introduction to what follows.
Pasta as a true representative of Italian cuisine is a special enjoyment of flavors here. All pasta is handmade right in the kitchen of the restaurant and gnocchi with truffles and bri cheese are a great combination for lunch with white wine Sila, Milanović.
If you are a fan of salads, your choice would surely be a steak salad with mustard and honey dressing, especially now during the spring. For those who prefer stronger flavors, the intense aromas in the Broker are defended by burgers made of the highest quality meat from the Jokić butcher's shop, as well as pork fillet served on spinach with vegetables and montasio cheese sauce. The recommendation of wine connoisseurs from the Broker is the red wine Probus, Milanović, created from indigenous varieties in our area.
Bocconcini pizzaiolo is also part of the diverse offer, and presents chicken cubes in a creamy sauce with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.
Pizza in Broker with its unique recipe, deserves special applause. Thin, crispy dough, richly filled, always delights even the most demanding guests. Pizza broker with zucchini, tomato and parmesan is a real specialty where you travel to Italy for the first bite.
And when you need a dose of sweets, desserts like tiramisu are made here according to a traditional Italian recipe, while chocolate souffle and cheesecake are also a great choice for dessert.
You can also bring food from the Broker to enjoy your home, so you get a 15% discount for all take away orders.
Restaurant Broker is an ideal place for family or business lunch, but also for celebrations of important moments in life, so the owners plan to open another restaurant by the end of the year. In this restaurant, in addition to great food and drink, you will be able to enjoy great service, so the next time you have doubts about where to stop for dinner or a glass of wine, do not think too much and head to the Broker.