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Restaurant Botako

Šantićeva 8

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Restaurant Botako


The best recommendation for a restaurant is when your friends take you somewhere. Botako has existed in Nevesinjska for 15 years, and in Santiceva 6. In both places there are people who say they have received recommendations from acquaintances and friends, and most often they all come together.


Both Botako restaurants have a very distinctive interior aesthetic. The furniture is in shades of wood but there is a green and pink color on the walls. When you look around you feel like you've entered a modern gallery. The interior is designed with a lot of care and attention because it is signed by the owner Slaven and his wife Natasha. The space is adorned with small paintings with different facial expressions, and the author is academic painter Bojana Sinđić. And you know what, if you like a picture, you can buy it, just ask your friendly waiters. However, you will not be able to bring anything you like from the decor, as the walls feature various shapes of stone and wood, ornaments such as lanterns, lamps and huge star-shaped notches.

But, if nothing else, you'll get an idea of ​​how to tidy up your apartment. As far as food is concerned, Botako restaurants are best known for their pizzas. Most sought after: Botako, Serbian and Capriccios. UFO pizza really seems to have descended from space right to your plate, but from that part of the universe where it is eaten well and where everything is large and rich. And when you add pizza sizes of 30 and 40 centimeters in diameter to that, you realize that you have to be serious champions to eat it yourself.


That is why the most common situation is that the drinks in Botak are shared, so there are very common scenes where the whole family or the whole society is treated to one drink. So, relaxing on an excursion to these restaurants.

More information at: https://gdecemo.blogspot.com/2019/10/restoran-botako.html