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Restaurant Bela Reka

Tošin bunar 179

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    • Friday: 08 - 00 h
    • Saturday: 08 - 00 h
    • Sunday: 08 - 00 h

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Restaurant Bela Reka


Rare are the restaurants that have been around for less than two years and have become so famous and praised so much throughout the city. Such is the restaurant Bela reka, which in a very short time became a part of the Belgrade tradition. And tradition is precisely that general impression that will win you over as soon as you enter.

Everything Serbian is present here. From typical Serbian food and drink to the huge two screens that constantly broadcast shots of the beauty of our country, whether the village is Bliznak in Homolje where the Bela River, Uvac farm or grandparents are in the village doing their daily chores . The garden is extremely large, with 200 seats, as a separate part of the restaurant with its bar, and on the other side there is a part where parents can leave their children to play on the grass. The inside of the White River restaurant is huge, with 200 seats, but is also constantly full. Some happened to arrive Saturday afternoon without reservation and really had no place to sit. One family came with two children, so they asked if they could come in a few hours. Hostess politely said that was not possible.

The next question was: Well, keep me posted for tomorrow, anytime of the day. Hostess says this is impossible, because Sunday is still the most visited day, when families usually come for weekly lunch. And the man finally asks: So when is the first next vacancy?

And the hostess says: Monday afternoon. This story is true. So, the more natural of this anecdote - book and swim in the Bela Reka restaurant, too.