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You can go to Italy in a second. It just depends which part of Belgrade you are in. Is Francuska street closer to you? Njegoseva street? If you may be across the river, we still recommend the Pizzagram at the "Novi Merkator" shopping mall. The most authentic Italian pizza is in Pizzagram, in three places in the city. And each pizza piece is a story for itself. The warmest recommendation is to stand in front of the showcase and take a first look around. We strongly recommend that you read the composition of each pizza, because only then will you realize what kind of wealth it hides. However, only then will you be in trouble. Realistically, there can only be one conclusion: "Give me a little piece of everz pizza". In Pizzagram you might see cubed pizzas for the first time. But you know, it's a true Roman way of serving. If you just want the classic round pizza form, you can also order one. There are also dessert pizzas with nutella, but the right offer is square Roman pizza sliced ​​with scissors. You will not see it anywhere in Belgrade, except of course in Pizzagram.