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Old London Pub

Gavrila Principa 46

Work hours:

  • Sunday: 10 - 00 h Arrow icon
    • Monday:09 - 00 h
    • Thuesday: 09 - 00 h
    • Wednesday: 09 - 00 h
    • Thursday: 09 - 00 h
    • Friday: 09 - 02 h
    • Saturday: 10 - 02 h
    • Sunday: 10 - 00 h

Takeaway food

Coffee to go

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Pet friendly


Non-smoking zone

Garden seating

Video screen/Live sports


Table football

Craft Beer






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In the center of Belgrade is a pub that will fully evoke the spirit and charm of the British capital. Whether it's authentic payphones, now famous guards, or old bridges, the Old London Pub in Belgrade will reveal all the secrets, but also uniquely connect the spirit of old Belgrade and London.


The pub is spread over three levels and each is very charming in its own way. On the ground floor, upstairs and underground, you can drink more than 70 types of beer daily, while almost 60 bottled types come from 20 countries. Belgian Delirium Tremens, Czech Bernard Amber, South African Sunday Easy IPA, English beers Wells Bombardier and Hobgoblin, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Irish, and most importantly, Serbian craft beers are just some of the many you can enjoy at any time of the day. And what would be beer without a good barbecue?

Try out unique specialties at the Old London Pub, with even more interesting names such as Queen's and King's burgers, Sir Churchill sausages, Ryan Giggs wings, and fried chicken with sesame called 'Sesame, Open'. As the Queen in Britain has always been a "stronger" figure, so if you order "her" burger at a pub you will get a much more spicy and richer meal. Except for the menu, the London smack feels in the interior and you won't know what to do first. Photos on the walls, flags, bells at the bar, all the details were chosen with great care, first of all to give the guests maximum relaxation and enjoyment. The staff is very direct and you have the impression that you are communicating with family members.

If you do not know the secret behind the bar bell, feel free to ask your nearest waiter, but do not expect to hear the bell ring often. With a good breakfast, lunch, or a simple break from your daily to-do with your favorite coffee, play a game of billiards, darts, or table football with your friends, while enjoying theme quizzes or karaoke during theme nights. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the band plays the most popular tracks of both foreign and domestic deadlines. Sunday is a day that is traditionally enjoyed to the fullest, and in the pub this day is dedicated to craft beer.