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Caffe restaurant Caruso

Terazije 23

Work hours:

  • Monday: 09 - 01 h Arrow icon
    • Monday:09 - 01 h
    • Thuesday: 09 - 01 h
    • Wednesday: 09 - 01 h
    • Thursday: 09 - 01 h
    • Friday: 09 - 01 h
    • Saturday: 10 - 01 h
    • Sunday: - h

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Cafe restaurant Caruso


The choice of wine is great. There are about 60 of them. The most sought after are Kovacevic and Radovanovic, Harizma and Regent. And the pastries and desserts are especially proud of. They are made by themselves, that is, a fine experienced lady who, with a lot of love and knowledge, knows exactly how to create the most delicious buns and cakes. A serious recommendation is a raspberry and plasma pie, as well as a French apple pie phenomenally arranged with a flower on top. Is the flower edible, ask, do not run like one of us. Try the nougat cheesecake and white chocolate with wild fruit from the old menu.

As if this whole offer is not enough, there are gigs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Regular guests are often able to dance so finely that you simply ask them for a dance class. And if you relax enough, you might want to sing like Enrico Caruso. Well, good luck..


More info on: https://gdecemo.blogspot.com/