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Caffe bar Red Queen

Hercegovačka 14

Work hours:

  • Monday: 08 - 00 h Arrow icon
    • Monday:08 - 00 h
    • Thuesday: 08 - 00 h
    • Wednesday: 08 - 00 h
    • Thursday: 08 - 00 h
    • Friday: 08 - 01 h
    • Saturday: 08 - 01 h
    • Sunday: 08 - 00 h

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Caffe Bar Red Queen RED QUEEN


Caffe Bar Red Queen RED QUEEN is the first coffee restaurant in Belgrade on the water, quality and tastefully decorated, completely worthy of this representative location. For coffee restaurant RED QUEEN it can be said with certainty that it is a world-class restaurant and on offer.

They ate almost artistic creations, from light snacks to gourmet cuisine and accompanied by a unique wine offer. There are about 150 types of wines from the world's leading and domestic manufacturers, with 30 of which can be ordered "on a glass". Whether you choose a light salad, fish specialty, or you have decided on pork ribs, lambs or duck, you will easily combine your excellent meal with great wine. For refreshments in hot summer days, try some of the exclusive cocktails and lemonade that you can try only at the restaurant RED QUEEN.

The ambiance is elegant and neat, the view of the Sava and the bridges is phenomenal, and the atmosphere is exactly what it should be - Belgrade, urban and relaxed. For its guests, RED QUEEN restaurant organizes a great music program in the evening from Wednesday to Sunday. Get to the river, relax and enjoy.


Welcome to the restaurant RED QUEEN. RED QUEEN