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Aleksandar Club Ski Staza

Kneza Višeslava 17

Work hours:

  • Monday: 10 - 01 h Arrow icon
    • Monday:10 - 01 h
    • Thuesday: 10 - 01 h
    • Wednesday: 10 - 01 h
    • Thursday: 10 - 01 h
    • Friday: 10 - 01 h
    • Saturday: 10 - 01 h
    • Sunday: 10 - 01 h


Pet friendly

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  • Aleksandar Club Ski Staza 


  • Aleksandar club is located in the most beautiful part of Kosutnjak with a view of Belgrade. If you are visiting Košutnjak for the first time, you will find him at the address Knez Viseslav 17.
  • Aleksanar club is a synonym for relaxation, relaxation with family, lunch in the open air and a beautiful view of Belgrade. Aleksandar club offers everything in one place. The first morning coffee with a view of the whole city, a breakfast at your place and a lunch for the whole family in the lower part of the Aleksandar Club where the restaurant is located.
  • Large garden and transparent green area is ideal for children as well as for your pets.
  • Evening at the Aleksandar Club is something that is not missed. With a glass of quality wine and a glimpse of the city, it will leave you breathless.
  • Be sure to visit the Alexander Club throughout the day!